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Nxt Surface - Our Use Cases & Purpose

NXT Surface is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of laboratory environments by providing flexible modular designs. These designs allow for increased workforce collaboration, reduction of operating costs and improved operating performance.

Technical research and teaching laboratories must adapt to ever changing research environments which experience changes in funding streams or research priorities.

Education and Research Environment

•Light weight panels are nimble enough to be a part of today’s ever evolving lab space. Being easily moved by hand, table location can be shifted, raised or lowered to address ergonomic issues in the workplace. Panels can be easily carried through narrow corridors or held in place by less industrial foundations.

•Various thicknesses can be utilized to support larger spans or differing load weight requirements.

•Contrasting colors help to identify material spills or represent laboratory zones.

Restaurant Usage

•Food safe FDA compliant surface provides the perfect improvement to stainless steel kitchen surfaces.

oImproved scratch resistance

oHigh heat and impact tolerance

oColored zones for segregated meat and produce usage

oWill not discolor or absorb liquids

oEasy to clean

Safety and Isolation Panels

•Access panels and doors

oExplosion containment

Industrial Work Surfaces

Hospital Surfaces

Chemical Resistant Shelving

Embedded Features

•LED backlighting

•Embedded magnets

Product Specifications

Resin System

•Bisphenol-F epoxy system with an Anhydride curative

oEngineered to provide a combination of high Tg, high flexural strength, damage tolerance, as well as endure thermal cycling and vibration stress.

•93 Shore D hardness

•430,000 flexural modulus

Filler System

•Proprietary blend of non-asbestos fillers provide durability, scratch resistance and fire suppression

•Can be pigmented to suit customer requirements

•High resin percentages are always maintained to ensure maximum mechanical properties (similar products maximize filler ratio to reduce cost to manufacture)

Surface Treatment

•Surfaces can be treated with an additional layer of high performance epoxy for further improved durability and scratch resistance

Embedded Textiles

•Impregnated Kevlar holds the epoxy together in the event of an explosion, containing the blast.

•Embedded copper mesh carries an electrical current to heat the surface for snow or ice removal, or to minimize cold surface shock.


•Standard sheet (1” thick)

o9 lb ft2 (compared to 12 lb ft2 by Durcon) (25% LESS).

•Lightweight sheet (1” thick)

o4.5 lb ft2 (compared to 12 lb ft2 by Durcon) (63% LESS).

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